Teen Mental Health Forum was founded in June 2020 by high school student Bella Johnson. The program was conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic as a platform for fellow teenagers to discuss their struggles with mental health openly and supportively. Bella — who volunteers for the Director of a New York City Homeless Shelter for LGBTQ+ teenagers — identified the need for a safe space for teens to come together during a time when millions of teens were isolated amidst a global crisis.

Bella’s mission is focused on creating a community for teens to talk openly about their lives. Teen Mental Health Forum provides an outlet for peer -to- peer conversations founded on mutual empathy and respect. Through Teen Mental Health Forum, teens learn that they are not alone.

Teen Mental Health Forum hosts weekly online Zoom sessions on topics such as depression, stress, eating disorders and social pressure. The meetings are available in two different formats: an anonymous open forum for discussion led by Bella as well as lectures led by expert guest speakers. Teen Mental Health Forum also provides an online library where readers can access videos of previous guest speakers as well as obtain information on mental health topics and resources for professional help.

Handcrafted jewelry is available on the site where the proceeds are donated to Mental Health America.