Self Love

Self Love

We were lucky to have a special guest, Zubia, come and join us for our third zoom meeting to teach us about self love and self respect. Zubia is a mindset life coach and counselor based in Australia. During our meeting, Zubia taught us many strategies that can be used to eliminate a negative mindset. Below I have shared some of the highlights from the meeting.

Comfort Box

Making a comfort box is a great way to practice self love. Fill your box with things and pictures that make you happy and calm. A comfort box can be a great resource to turn to if your feeling anxious or sad. Your comfort box can be something that you bring with you everywhere for safe keeping, filled with meaningful trinkets. For example, I have a stone inside of my comfort box because it reminds me of the beach, a place that reminds me of happiness and tranquility.

Control Your Social Media

Many teens follow countless celebrities and influencers on social media platforms. While this can be great, it is important to recognize that the life and content they portray online isn’t real, especially when it comes to body image. If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to influences online and putting yourself down, unfollow them!

Simple Changes YOU Can Make To Your Everyday Life To Love Yourself Better…

Pay attention to how you talk to yourself! In other words, be kind to yourself, you don’t deserve all that negativity!

Write down 3 things you love about yourself everyday.

Surround yourself with people who have your best interest at heart. If someone is making you feel bad about yourself, it’s probably a good idea to distance yourself from that person.

Set goals for yourself! These can be simple goals such as brushing your teeth in the morning. The satisfaction of completing things can contribute to your overall well being. I find that the app “streaks” is great for setting simple daily goals. Download streaks here!